Month: March 2017

The Initiate from Paul Andruss at Odds n Sods: A miscellany

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
How do you make a wrier’s day? Leave a review. How do you make their year? Leave a review like this! I make no apologies for reposting this… the best review we could have wished for! A Book Review by author Paul Adruss The Initiate by Sue Vincent & Stuart France I have only read spiritual…

Dominions of Cnut – #Silenti

Pity poor King Canute (Real name ‘Cnut’ pron: Kn-ootr). He went down in English history as the King who was so self-important that he sat in a ceremonial chair on the beach, ordering the tide not to come in… Only, according to many leading historians, he didn’t… This intelligent eleventh century ruler of England, Norway and Denmark – the ‘North Sea Empire’, as it was … Read More Dominions of Cnut – #Silenti

Considering White-Skunk II…

Looking out

Exit in Trance…

I have a notion…

I have a notion That eons’ light and dark Have left their mark Upon our inner ocean ➰ I have a shadow Whose lengthening crease Is cast on mood and body’s peace When walking muddy meadow ➰ We have duration The dog and I endure the grime Of Cumbria’s winter prime Intent on silence in privation ➰ But then… ➰ Like surgical precision Spring’s … Read More I have a notion…

Considering White-Skunk…

Passion and Pathos: Spirit of the Dance

Beautiful writing from Jan Malique.

Ten small things

It was the sunset that started it, the return of what I have come to think of as ‘ the full sky’, just after the vernal equinox. I have a habit, when I manage to do full day’s gardening, of sitting with a final outdoor cup of tea and looking at the approaching sunset, camera in hand, experiencing what the ancient philosophers called ‘agape’. … Read More Ten small things

A touch of tenderness

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
The Cathedral by Rodin. My son gleefully squeezed harder at the knotted muscle in my shoulder, with a ‘Now I’ve got you’ as I groaned in agony. We have established and agreed that he has a slightly sadistic tendency where I am concerned. It may have something to do with my knack of getting just the…

Intelligence on dark waters – Haiku

  “Intelligence on dark waters” ⦿ Beyond opinion ‘i’ alone must bear the scales Of others’ justice ⦿ Rightness begins here My heart knows truth betrayed Falsehood – avoid my own! ⦿ Let rage’s fire return Seeking hidden self-deceit Proud flame be ashes’ ghost ⦿ ©️Copyright Stephen Tanham 2017

The Switch…#writespiration

The  Switch The witch said it would be okay. Said he would be given a smarter uniform after the switch, looking down at his military serge and smiling – like a new version of that, she said, but with better ventilation. He thought about that, about the hot nights on duty, and agreed… For Sacha’s 52 word challenge Image: with apologies to Kendal Tattoo Studio, … Read More The Switch…#writespiration

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