Steve has published four books. They are available in Amazon Kindle or paperback.

Dec15 Montage ST books from Amazon

The Beast in the Cafe – a series of encounters between a writer and an enigmatic figure in a seaside cafe–who seems determined to do strange things to his world… (published 2015)

Ben’s Bits – The Ballad of Bakewell Gaol – a dark, poetic journey of a man imprisoned for a trivial offence, who finds himself an unwitting pawn in a power game involving the protection of a mysterious ancient cross. Written, by request, in the style of Oscar Wilde and published in collaboration with Sue Vincent and Stuart France. (Published 2015)

Land of the Exiles – the ‘Director’s Cut’ of the story from the Silent Eye’s 2014 Derbyshire Workshop. A group of future space colonists awaken from cryogenic sleep to find that the the machine ‘mind’ that runs the ship’s computing has crash-landed the vessel on its target planet. The Captain, who offered to stay awake during the seven year voyage to program some ‘humanity’ into the machine, has mysteriously vanished.

The Song of the Troubadour – The founding workshop of the Silent Eye School, held in Derbyshire, in April 2013, was based around a five-act mystery play that told the story of a group of travellers caught in a blizzard, on the top of a mountain pass. They find sanctuary in an isolated monastery, where their rescuers begin to explore the travellers’ motives for being there, revealing a deeper web of coincidence that slowly unveils their inner natures…

Steve’s amazon author page, with full listing of the books, is here.

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