About Steve Tanham

Steve Tanham is one of three directors of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness; a place of companionship, sharing and the search for the real in life, using the loving techniques and insights of esoteric psychology. He retired from a life as an IT entrepreneur to establish the School in 2012, and, having persuaded Sue Vincent to join him, the two spent the next year laying the groundwork for the three year correspondence course provided as a not-for-profit venture. Stuart France, who had worked alongside Steve for many years, joined them shortly thereafter.

Formerly a Rosicrucian field officer, and a member of the administrative board of the Servants of the Light (SOL), Steve now divides his time between family responsibilities; the Silent Eye School; and a cat and dog. Steve and his wife, Bernie, live in a restored bungalow on the edge of the English Lake District, where it rains most of the time and is therefore very green.

Steve has helped develop the technique of the weekend ‘mystery play’ as a vehicle for intense, but nurtured, teaching; where everyone – from beginner to experienced participant – plays a single role in an evolving five-act spiritual drama. He is the author of four books, and is also the primary writer of the Silent Eye School’s monthly lessons sent, electronically, by PDF file.

Steve is driven by a love of good teaching. He enjoys humour and is learning to live with an opened heart in a less-controlled world.

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