In July 2015, The Silent Eye produced an updated, eleven-page overview of its work. The following is a snapshot of the (free) PDF document which you can download here:

Silent Eye 2015 Gen BrochureV1AA

SE2105 Broch Montage1-3

The Call of the Soul (Cover Page) – An introduction to the work of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness

“Have you wanted to wake up to a world in which you feel you really belong? A world where your experience of life makes perfect sense and you greet each day with both fulfilment and purpose? A world that recognises your unique beauty…. and offers you its own?”

A Modern Mystery School (Page 2)

‘A Modern Mystery School’ – It’s a simple statement, but it carries a powerful intent and a history of delivery with it . . .

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  Rumi

In 2013 three people, Steve Tanham, Sue Vincent and Stuart France came together after decades of service to other mystical and magical organisations to create the Silent Eye School of Consciousness – choosing to establish it as a not-for-profit organisation . . . They believed it was time to create a new path – a synthesis of modern and traditional spiritual development that would speak . . .

Life seen as a river of consciousness (Page 3)

When we stop to think about ourselves, we can compare our lives to a river, flowing through time and events, from which we collect, and come to identify with, the memories of good and bad things.  This collection of mental and emotional self-portraits becomes . . .

SE2105 Broch Monteage 4-6

Three journeys around the enneagram (Page 4)

The real and transformative journey does not take place within a symbol – no matter how potent; it takes place within that invisible collection of thoughts and feelings that we call our Self. But the right symbol can . . .

The desert of self-honesty (Page 5)

Schools of the Mysteries will often begin their introductions with what they need from their students.  These attributes might include diligence and hard work.  These are, of course, important to any such endeavour, but, for us, the most important characteristic is something else . . .

The three-year journey of the Soul (Page 6)

The primary offering of the Silent Eye School is the three-year ‘Call of the Soul’ correspondence course . . .

2015 Broch Montage 7-9

The Land of the Exiles (Page 7)

The Land of the Exiles comprises the first twelve lessons of the Silent Eye’s three year programme – the First Degree. We can only begin a journey from where we are, now . . . This sounds trite, but is an essential consideration if . . .

The Exiles . . . and you? (Page 8)

A constellation of players, all arranged to bring you face to face with the outer aspects of your psyche.  They will reveal to you the emotional, physical and intellectual parts of your being – and let you explore what should be happening inside your life . . .

Years Two and Three? (Page 9)

We can only say a little about the second and third years of the Silent Eye’s correspondence course. The further journeys follow the same learning process, moving deeper into the . . .

2105 Broch Montage 10-11

From Learning to Being (Page 10)

The intent of the Silent Eye is to provide learning through experience. Four times a year, as close to the Solstice and Equinox points as we can practically make them, we host a cycle of gatherings . . .

Reaching out – across geographies (Page 11 – final page)

We know the spiritual journey can be isolating.  Only a few people share the dedication that the path requires.  The School has students from across the world, some of whom live far away from the support and friendship of like-minded people.  This is why we took a decision to use social media to create a feeling of community where fellow Companions can meet . . .

Download the full, internet tagged document by clicking the link below.

Silent Eye 2015 Gen BrochureV1AA

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