The Silent Eye


Part Nine of The Unseen Sea

“She’s being picked on at school,” says Maria.

Grandad Lucca gazes back to the thick rug in the corner of the tiny living room in the cottage, on which Jessica has been lying, painting her picture. His grandaughter catches sight of him looking at her work and twists her body to hide the painting. But Grandad’s still-keen eyes have caught a glimpse of the picture of the tall girl with black hair, including the arrow through its heart.

“An older girl has taken a dislike to her,” says his daughter. “The teachers are doing their best, but…” She hold her hands out wide, as if to say what can anyone do in that horrible situation where there are no winners?

“And she’s going back to school, soon – and therefore back to meet this monster, as she sees it?”

He thinks about the arrow in the…

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