Day: June 13, 2017

The Bloggers Bash 2017

Originally posted on writerchristophfischer:
I had a fantastic time at this year’s Blogger’s Bash. It was such a wonderful experience to meet so many amazing people, who, over five years of me blogging have become a second family to me. Getting to talk to these supportive and all very interesting people in the real world was truly a delight. We had plenty of time…


Originally posted on Stuart France:
* Fight fire with fire And the world is burning. * Fight fire with water And the world keeps turning… *

Rain on the window

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
The light changed, suffusing the clouds with a soft glow and shadowing the sky that strange half-light that heralds a storm. The rain, it seemed, had settled in, pattering against the window and drawing the eye to focus on the diamond streaks of misery. Yet, beyond the pane there was colour, molten gold flaming in the sky as…

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