Day: August 24, 2017

Three Steps to Heaven and Earth…

Originally posted on Stuart France:
* “Sure, ’tis a terrible thing to choose one or t’other.” The Aurally Man * “Alchemy as process has a number of stages.” “And nobody seems able to agree on how many!” “This might not though be a disagreement of number but of measure.” “An hour possesses sixty minutes and three-thousand-six-hundred seconds, after all.” “If we make our focus…

The three limbs of Mann

(Above – a commercial example of the use of the IOM’s symbol – author’s photo) We have just returned from a long weekend on the Isle of Man. It is one of our favourite destinations, although it shares much of the wet climate of north Lancashire and neighbouring Cumbria, being seventy miles from the connecting port of Heysham. The ferry journey takes four hours … Read More The three limbs of Mann

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