Day: January 16, 2018

Finding the jewel…

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
“You are beautiful.” “You are love.” “You are light.” “Whatever you can imagine can be yours.” I am fed up of reading these feelgood assertions, offered as a placebo and generously sprinkled with glitter and fairydust. There is nothing wrong with the words themselves, but I grow increasingly frustrated by the way they are often used. They have…

Becoming Air

Standing here I feel as though my life Were a rising of sap An ascent of mind and heart A hissing of vitality, akin to steam ➰ From earth I am drawn To organic arising Within a perfected tree Which nourishes my Imperfections ➰ Until, old and swaying With faded crumbling leaf Stubbornly past its fall My substance golds then fades And, once again, … Read More Becoming Air

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