From Stuart…

Stuart France

Chat 012


…First she was a speck, black against the sky, then she was an arrow balancing the breeze, finally, after measuring the hole in the wall of my room with her wing-span, she became an awesome, majestic weight, sprung upon my wrist…

“I know why The Devil is called a light-bearer, and why he’s said to inhabit infernal regions,” her bright eyes connected with mine as she stared, “hell on earth is really only a house hewn from stone, a hill-top mansion with an open roof-top, out onto the stars. Below ground in the mound of the hill are three expansive cellars, each of which is a winter month… “

… My Soul was back, her claws silently scratching my skin as she shifted her weight from one leg to the other, preening…

“The blackness brandished by Lucifer like whiplash in a mean attempt to debase us is merely a…

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