From Alethea in response to Sue’s weekly #writeohoto challenge.

The Light Behind the Story

pillars Photo Credit: Sue Vincent

The structure was created by a more modern hand, but the transport was real. A hallway to the Hypogeum opened within his mind as his feet traveled the corridor. Each pillar marking a lifetime passed or yet to come, covered by shadows broken by light. Not the false light ensconced above. No, they had turned that off before they pushed him inside. He could feel the warmth of the womb closing in around him, but also its darkness. The pulse of the Mother-heart pumping memories through his blood. Her cord feeding, but also recording life before it is taken away. The circle felt endless, the space within infinite. Fear pushed the shroud further over his forehead, closing the eye. They had warned him this might happen in some form. The fist of the ego-mind closing the light of the heart is something he knew all must face. He…

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