A collection of my recent mystical poetry – assembled with love and care from my scribblings by Sue Vincent – our resident editor and publisher. Thank you for your interest… Steve

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“The sun is always an adequate symbol for the Light of Lights…”
A.K. Coomaraswamy

In this collection of mystical poems, Steve Tanham, founding director of the Silent Eye, explores his personal relationship between the soul and the sun. Plotting its course through the seasonal round, we can recognise the beauty of this natural cycle and catch fleeting glimpses of the greater beyond.

One day the words will be unspeakable

The splinters brushed aside

By the eye beyond the Opening

And we – the world and it’s child

Will speak in unbroken silence 

Steve Tanham is a founding director of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness; a not-for-profit online School of Enneagram-based esoteric psychology. He lives in the English Lake District with his wife, Bernie and a cat and a dog.

Available in Paperback and for Kindle

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