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River of the Sun, chapter 2 – An Agony of Sunset

Chapter Two – An Agony of Sunset (introduction follows the text) Seven Years Later Far below, Rameses was angry; so angry that Lord Menascare could hear the merciless tones in the young voice that would soon be the controlling instrument of the Egyptian 19th Dynasty. The whole of Egypt would tremble when that voice was raised – but they would love him, too. The … Read More River of the Sun, chapter 2 – An Agony of Sunset

King of Kings?

I am at an interesting stage in the writing of the Silent Eye’s April workshop. We are not up to production, yet. This early stage is about taking the initial ideas and coalescing them into a workable set of five dramas based on sacred temple principles. Each person attending the workshop plays a part; and the core themes are explored by (scripted) acting, forum … Read More King of Kings?

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