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The Stone and the Pilgrim (2)

Rested, the group of pilgrims gathers on the Saturday morning beneath the vast presence of Bamburgh Castle. The castle was restored to its present glory by the 19th century munitions entrepreneur and inventor William Armstrong. Lord Armstrong bought it from the Crewe trustees in 1894 for the sum of £60,000 – a fortune then. He went on to spend a further one million pounds … Read More The Stone and the Pilgrim (2)

Pilgrims of blood and stone

The blood: the Life that flows through us, taken in as breath, fresh each second, flowing out to be renewed in the world of nature; natural, given. The stone: the fixed structures we rely on to ensure persistence of that life-force made flesh. The riddle, the contradiction – the mystery… beginning with that most profound and persistent structure: the body… There is no more … Read More Pilgrims of blood and stone

Formidable stone

Formidable, once: Within this place was safety born Exchanged for fealty, price of stones That made these walls and saved your bones ⦿ Tracks in the sand: The beach on which you walk your dog Is wet where bishops splashed ashore The highway of the sea a grateful, distant roar ⦿ Oak-panelled door: Beneath which we pass in droves A portal – then – … Read More Formidable stone

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