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Age and the Inner Life

How old are we? It’s often a cruel question and we wrestle with the answer, knowing full well how many years downstream we are … but feeling, not too deep inside, that our inner state bears no relation to that set of two digits… Traditionally, this has been dismissed as just part of our psychology. We don’t want to feel old, so we learn … Read More Age and the Inner Life

The Light and the Gloom

Kendal, midweek… the retail day was drawing to a close. A thin fog had covered the town and its surrounding hills for most of the day, and the encroaching darkness at the end of the afternoon made the gloom seem even more dense. I have always been drawn by urban photos of streets where the lights have that ‘just turned on’ look. Collie in … Read More The Light and the Gloom

Embrace of the Inner Age

There are many symmetries in life but one of the least remarked on is the complementary states of early and later life relative to where we place our attention. When young, despite ‘trailing clouds of glory’, as Wordsworth elegantly wrote, we are completely in-volved with the physical world ‘out-there’. From the wonder and adoration of our baby state, through the realisation that we can … Read More Embrace of the Inner Age

Mountains beneath the Sea

I was talking with a friend about life – not a generalised view of life, such as we might do in an introductory talk to mysticism, but in the sense of what life actually is… The topic of life led us to consider health… and how we might picture health and it’s inevitable effect on the final stages of our lives. And then I … Read More Mountains beneath the Sea

The Unmasked Human

In an attitude that most of us would find chilling, Francis Crick, the Noble Laureate who co-discovered the structure of DNA, referred to it as ‘the astonishing hypothesis’. He wasn’t talking about genes, but the proposal that all human feelings, actions and thoughts – right down to the level of consciousness, itself, are the products of neural activity in the brain. In truth, science … Read More The Unmasked Human

Hidden Gold

The entire one-mile promenade at Grange-over- Sands is decorated with a series of rock gardens. These are looked after entirely by volunteers whose work is most active in the summer, but continues, in terms of maintenance, during the colder months, when there is little else to be seen. But that is not always the case… Grange town centre is a few hundred metres behind … Read More Hidden Gold

The Foundations of the Future

We were driving back from Ilkley with a clip full of ‘winter Wharfedale’ photos, many of which were destined be spoiled by the falling light along the riverbank or too ambitious in the first place. In decades gone by, the pain wouldn’t only have been the attempt and failure, but the cost of paying to have them developed and copied to photo paper, only … Read More The Foundations of the Future

Musings on a Silent Night

I received a nice little present from WordPress the other day: a certificate to say I had been blogging with them for ten years! Ten years… Where did they go… Back then, Sue Vincent was our Silent Eye blogger – and she already had a large online following. Persuading her to join the fledgling Silent Eye was doubly beneficial: I got an excellent foundational … Read More Musings on a Silent Night

An Early Christmas with Devon Dreamer

If your Christmas is shaping up to be less than that idyllic cameo on the TV adverts… come with me … and join us for the most unexpected Christmas evening we’ve ever had. The first of December, 2022. The last day of our winter holiday. It had not been a good day for my ego. Thrashed 6-3 by my wife, Bernie, at crazy golf, … Read More An Early Christmas with Devon Dreamer

Frozen Shore; ten below…

I don’t think I ever remember the temperature, here, being minus ten, before. But that’s what it was, according to the gauge in the car on the way to Bolton-le-Sands, where – in the course of walking Tess the collie – I took this shot. Few people graced the frozen landscape, which gave it a ghostly isolation. The one dark figure walking slowly along … Read More Frozen Shore; ten below…

The Eight with Two Dots

I remember being a child and considering the Yin-Yang figure for the first time. It fascinated me. I felt like I couldn’t ‘see it’ properly – as though something about it was hidden… For several days after spying it on a street poster, I tried to draw it, but without success. The best I could do was render it as ‘an eight with two … Read More The Eight with Two Dots

Images of Consideration

I read a lot into nature… I study the natural world around me carefully; a lot of my joy in taking photographs is that it helps me to ‘see’ what’s there in more clarity. It’s remarkable what being considered with a landscape can do, and how it deepens your sense of truly ‘being there’. Such acts of considering were central to what the philosopher … Read More Images of Consideration

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