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The Flowers of Mistrust – #Silenti

We live, increasingly, in an age of mistrust. It can be seen as cool, savvy, to doubt what we hear–an expectation of deceit in the ‘other’, as though trust belonged to the infant’s playground; something to be outgrown in the face of maturity in the world and in life. As ‘humanity’, if such a concept is meaningful, we yearn for the true values of … Read More The Flowers of Mistrust – #Silenti

#Silenti – A Rose Beyond Violence, part two

In part one, we examined Krishnamurti’s view that the individual could, with considerable effort, ‘unclip’ themselves from their society (though not broadcast it) and begin to separate out the pieces of their world in order to contemplate violence in a new way… This would begin the process of giving the objective world (what IS) some initial power over the egoic self, which had grown to … Read More #Silenti – A Rose Beyond Violence, part two

#Silenti – A Rose Beyond Violence, part one

Many people are in a state of shock following a series of electoral surprises that have rocked the political ‘liberal establishment’ on both sides of the Atlantic. Racist attacks are on the increase and long-respected ‘experts’ are frequently mocked. We are in danger of throwing away many of the principles of established civilisation. It’s easy to feel that these uncertain times contain the seeds of … Read More #Silenti – A Rose Beyond Violence, part one


  I’m prepping a series of posts on the nature and origins of fear. “Fear is the pillow of the ego.” It just came to me, and I thought it was worth posting! Hope you’re having a good Sunday…

Frozen Steps

In response to Sue Vincent’s photo prompt – The Stairway http://scvincent.com/2016/03/25/photo-prompt-the-stairway/     (In the style of Sufi poetry)   Frozen Steps —- Examine frozen Find your rhythm In the tapping of ice crystals — With  your most foolish foot Slide forward the sole And feel the danger In the deadly realm where Blood and pain meet — And then — Disregard them all In … Read More Frozen Steps

Nine Deadly Sins with Coffee (22) – Flight and Fight

We ran through the steepening streets of the town. I pulled at Alexandra’s wrist and, every few strides, looked around, anxiously, in search of our pursuers. “What are we running from?” she laughed, behind me, now well used to my craziness. I had noticed that she had recently taken to wearing more casual clothing for our teaching encounters, and suspected that her larger bag, now … Read More Nine Deadly Sins with Coffee (22) – Flight and Fight

Nine Deadly Sins with Coffee (21) – The Anxious Heart

We were sitting by the river, though earlier than usual. The padded plastic-bottomed picnic blanket I had brought serving us well as a coffee base on the cold limestone, which was constantly made wet by the spray from the rapids in the adjacent river Kent. Neither of us seemed to mind the gentle mist. The thermos flask had been half emptied and we were enjoying our coffee.  … Read More Nine Deadly Sins with Coffee (21) – The Anxious Heart

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