Rings of Oak


Along my walk there is an oak


Grown sturdy on the edge of winds


Life’s hardships fought and won


Whose sole and noble bearing


Engenders shared sojourn



Its ridge it strides alone


And I, in passing, catch its thought


Like a point on a seen, sawn, levelled trunk


Though yearly ring is far too long


For these few moments shared



But not this time, this round, this heart


Green canopy hiss: share this with me


Here, now, brief, unwitnessed


And be with ancient one in present time


Whose walk is only sidewards growth



Upon my eyes and mind


This rustling note is written, sung


Upon his rings of time he adds


A passing molecule of now, a mote


Upon the meadow there is only silence



Enjoy your walk around my Earth, he says


‘Around’ arrests: his sly intent, and turning


Gaze deep at wooden ark, as no voice, teasing


Says: and I, content to wait your arc’s return


Will travel further round the Sun



©Stephen Tanham


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