Summer’s Last Kiss


When ocean’s shine turns mirror bright

And deeper love seems written there

When crested waves hiss rest awhile

And be with us in formless dream

Then know that summer’s parting kiss

Casts lingering promise bold and bare

To cling is but a dreamer’s sigh

As worlds rotate and tides return

Her russet hand will still caress

Though leaves are falling, thick and slick

Her naked skin still shines within

The wood-flame’s crackling burn

The smoke mosaics to fall of snow

When deepest dark encloses

Reducing days from distant blaze

Which culls as much as harvests

Now tightly held in midnight’s cold

Endurance starkly, sweetly urges

Till one damp morn when green is borne

Upon a tide of coming bliss

She’ll call the rising of the sap

And deep you’ll breathe the urgent need

To be with her above the sky

Entwined in endless summer’s kiss

©Stephen Tanham

17 Comments on “Summer’s Last Kiss

  1. My sadness of the end of Summer was tempered by your words, Steve. Reminding me of the constancy of the seasons…
    (which seem to be rolling around faster than ever!)

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. The last kiss may leave us a little wistful but Summer returns every few days, yes! enjoy the beauty of Fall, write a few poems about its hues, shiver a little with the winter days and lo! summer would be peeping through new leaves, through smiling blossoms. 🙂
    I stumbled across a tweet and reached here. Liked your poetry.


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