Day: October 3, 2017

Hidden Messages in the Midst of Demented Ramblings

Originally posted on bridgesburning:
The strangest thing happened yesterday and the thought of it stays with me today.  I visit frequently and regularly with a dear relative who suffers from dementia.  The kind of dementia doesn’t matter, it all translates to the same thing.  Inability to communicate, to understand, to know. I read once that someone asked an old man why he went to…

The slow-quick Big Bang

Most people are familiar with the Big Bang. It’s a name adopted by the scientific world to describe the origin of the universe, a point of ‘singularity’ at the centre of the original black hole where everything, including space and time, came into existence. Wikipedia defines it as: ‘The initial singularity was a singularity of infinite density thought to have contained all of the mass and space-time of … Read More The slow-quick Big Bang

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