Human: Ah, you’ve found the new box!

Misti: it’s just the right size…

Human: But I was using it to store your play balls!

Misti: I moved them to where they’d be happier.

Human: Ah, yes… sigh.

©Stephen Tanham

10 Comments on “#FurryFives : thinking outside the box

  1. So true of our furkiddo, Yao Yao, too. Her antics are really crazy because she thinks SHE is the leader and ruler of the pack. The have to follow her in the morning to get to the food, etc. and she gets to her bowl first and good luck for they who come late!

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      • So true! If I am trying to watch PBS or Nova from there as well, the Little Man is right there next to me watching it with me, lying curled up under the blankets in the crook of my arm, cuddling me and enjoying part of his human’s world. He loves for me to sit and rock him too as I make my body seem like a rocking chair. Then he wants to go to Richard and he will spend a good part of his day till bedtime with Richard on his lap with the other brother and sisters. But he looks over at me to make sure I am looking at him too. After all, the little fellow is, by our figures, probably 110 years old. Yes, there is nothing that can beat their loyalty and desire to be loved and treasured by us as if they are little children. Thank you so much for always sharing such meaningful tales of them.


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