#FurryFives – Tabletop Racer

Misti: “Boring, boring…. uh-uh, I feel a transformation coming on!”

Misti: “Out of the pits and onto the long, ‘address label’ straight…”

Misti: Reaching over 100 mph just before paper brook – will she brake in time or spin off?

Misti: “Ooops! Its a race marshal… and he’s not pleased!”

Misti: “Sigh…I didn’t know there was a sin-bin in motor racing”

©Copyright Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – The Eye Game

Tess (collie): So, you’ve got to guess which eye I’m going to lick!

Youth: Okay! Left eye…

Tess: Wrong! Okay try again…

Youth: Mmmm Right eye…

Tess: Wrong! You’re not very clever are you?

Youth: No, but I’m very wet…

©Stephen Tanham

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#FurryFives – Enuf!

– It’s just mean?

– Yes…

– Holding my ear with your teeth

– I’ve had enuf of you charging me, sideways, from across the room!

– I’ll be back tomorrow!

©Stephen Tanham