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Old and grey, and Father Time

When I am old and grey, and Father Time has had his wretched way with all the bits that move no more… I will live in a simple dwelling like this top floor, with endless sea beyond the veranda’s edge, and mountains to the other side, behind the cluttered bookshelf that used to be a windowsill. And Mags will feed me, not because she … Read More Old and grey, and Father Time

Books, coffee, knowing things…

(This post is 600 words, a five-minute read) I loved the image… I’d credit its creator if I knew where it came from; but there it was in my in-tray. The cool black cat with the importantly steaming mug of coffee, and an engrossing book with covers in my favourite colour… all of it pushing back the awfulness of an English February. There’s a … Read More Books, coffee, knowing things…

#FurryFives – thin red line

Misti! Yes, Tess? Let’s have a nose race and see who can cross this red line first! But your nose is already there… Sometimes you’re cleverer than Mum says… ©Stephen Tanham, 2020

#FurryFives : possession

Human: That’s my Yoga mat! Misti: She who has possession! Human: But I need to begin my online class! Misti: I’d concentrate on kissing your shin, like this, if I were you.. Human: I’m taking you back to Bolton and dumping you back in that bush! Misti: Bet you don’t… ©Copyright Stephen Tanham, 2020

#FurryFives : Crash!

Human: Good grief! I heard a terrible thump…are you okay? What happened? Misti <muted>: Crashed… Human: Crashed! How did it happen? Misti <muted>: Brakes… Human: Brakes! Are you okay? Misti: Never better…

#FurryFives : tea in bed

(From an interview with R-CatZ Magazine) Mag: So, Miss Misti, how are you enjoying your life in the Lake District? Miss Misti: Oh, cool. I mean, so much better than that bush in Bolton! Mag: I can see! And you get early morning tea in bed, too! Miss Misti: Comes with the celebrity… And I got two staff as well! That’s his hand I’m … Read More #FurryFives : tea in bed

#FurryFives : thinking outside the box

Human: Ah, you’ve found the new box! Misti: it’s just the right size… Human: But I was using it to store your play balls! Misti: I moved them to where they’d be happier. Human: Ah, yes… sigh. ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – Clinging on

Misti: Come out and sunbathe! Human: But it’s freezing… Misti: I’ve found this little bit of sun and a sunbed! Human: No, you haven’t. Misti: Sometimes, you’re no fun… ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives : two-time

Misti: I love us having a shower… Human: There’s only me under here! Misti: Yes, but I have a wash at the same time Human: But that’s not the main reason you’re so happy? Misti: OK, so the dog’s not allowed in here, is she… <purr> ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives : BBQ

– Now, look… Yes, Misti? – I mean, if… Spit it out! -If I were that big, I wouldn’t take advantage of chicken like that! ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives : interview

– Yea, well it was cool at the time, but you can only take so much of living in a bush in Bolton… So what changed the course of your abandoned life? – Well, his mother walked past with a pampered Pomeranian pooch… Yes? – And I thought, “Holy shit, look at the lifestyle that goes with this one!” And followed her home! (This … Read More #FurryFives : interview

#FurryFives – Passenger

– Tess, I’m not criticising your driving Sniff – I just think…. Sniff, sniff – I just think we took that corner a bit too fast! ©Stephen Tanham

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