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The inner cat

I’m not fond of practical jokes. They’re usually performed by people – famous or next door – who you’d cross the street to avoid. But there is a level of trickery that can be justified as long as one is prepared to face the consequences…and only as a matter of important principle. My lovely wife, Bernie, would tell you that my most ‘celebrated’ example … Read More The inner cat

#FurryFives : wash your human

Now then, girls, these are challenging times, so it’s important to keep your human clean! Let’s illustrate with the arm. First, give it a good sniff to check what kind of train-wreck you’re going to be dealing with… Then take a deep breath and rasp the tongue along the length of that rascal! Don’t be afraid to give it a little bite to get … Read More #FurryFives : wash your human

#FurryFives – Not Leaving

Human: Pretty please? Misti: Not in a month of Sundays… Human: We can’t leave for France if you don’t get off the travel bags… Misti: Exactly! Human: Chicken? ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – The Eye Game

Tess (collie): So, you’ve got to guess which eye I’m going to lick! Youth: Okay! Left eye… Tess: Wrong! Okay try again… Youth: Mmmm Right eye… Tess: Wrong! You’re not very clever are you? Youth: No, but I’m very wet…

#FurryFives – Clinging on

Misti: Come out and sunbathe! Human: But it’s freezing… Misti: I’ve found this little bit of sun and a sunbed! Human: No, you haven’t. Misti: Sometimes, you’re no fun… ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – metro gnome

Human: It doesn’t say that! Misti: What? Human: It doesn’t say ‘will my breakfast never appear’! Misti: Perhaps you’re in the wrong key? Human: I give up… chicken? ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – Passenger

– Tess, I’m not criticising your driving Sniff – I just think…. Sniff, sniff – I just think we took that corner a bit too fast! ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – Fallen

-Tess? Yes, Misti – I think we need to practice Practice what, Misti? – That piggy-back trick! ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – The Famous Miss Misti

🎵My kind of town, 🎵Chicago is… one town that won’t let you down! 🎵It’s myyyyyyyyy… 🎵Kiiiiiind of toowwwn! Miss Misti has left the building… ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – Geometry

– Tess? Yes, Misti – I’ve been thinking about what you said about geometry Yes, Misti – And I don’t think its called a hypotenose… ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – the Edge

– You, know, Tess? Yes, Misti? – I’ve been thinking Mmmm? – One more dream and you’re going to roll off this! ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – Foot stool

Thats my footstool! – You weren’t using it! I’m about to… – I’m about to… keep it… If you weren’t so beautiful… ©Stephen Tanham

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