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#Furry Fives : Cool Boot

Human: We’re home now, shouldn’t you be facing the other way? Tess: It’s cool in here… Human: Aren’t you getting out? Tess: It’s May. It’s 22 degrees. I’ve chased the ball for an hour… No. Human: Fair point! Chicken? ©Stephen Tanham 2020

Complex Harmonic Motion

Sphere or disc, it matters little What your complex words cry Into the wind – the only thing that separates us Not distance, not when:  Your smallest sigh, Your first breathed sound, The movement, even, of your lips, Stirs my heart to action ⦿ And, pumping blood,  In ancient ways you could not grasp I change before your eyes into arrowed fur and claw … Read More Complex Harmonic Motion

#FurryFives – Tabletop Racer

Misti: “Boring, boring…. uh-uh, I feel a transformation coming on!” Misti: “Out of the pits and onto the long, ‘address label’ straight…” Misti: Reaching over 100 mph just before paper brook – will she brake in time or spin off? Misti: “Ooops! Its a race marshal… and he’s not pleased!” Misti: “Sigh…I didn’t know there was a sin-bin in motor racing” ©Copyright Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – winter

#FurryFives – Enuf!

– It’s just mean? – Yes… – Holding my ear with your teeth – I’ve had enuf of you charging me, sideways, from across the room! – I’ll be back tomorrow! ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – Clinging on

Misti: Come out and sunbathe! Human: But it’s freezing… Misti: I’ve found this little bit of sun and a sunbed! Human: No, you haven’t. Misti: Sometimes, you’re no fun… ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – pilates class

– Okay, class, breathe in! And… doooown. No giggling at the back… and put the tea down. – And pivot! – And rest… – You wouldn’t be laughing if you knew how much closer I was to your toes than you are! ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – end of summer

– It’s gone, hasn’t it, Tess? Yes… – Will it come back like last year? (Yawn) Yes, Misti. It always does… just takes forever I wish I could count in twelfths… ©Stephen Tanham

#ShortWrytz – Who Knew?

Who knew… How softly your paws would pad to the door, just before I enter. How your hazel eyes would gaze and melt with joy when the new day dawns. How your sleeping yelps would replay the joys of the day. How you would, one day, sit in front of a blown-open door for an hour, guarding the house until we returned to find … Read More #ShortWrytz – Who Knew?

#FurryFives : interview

– Yea, well it was cool at the time, but you can only take so much of living in a bush in Bolton… So what changed the course of your abandoned life? – Well, his mother walked past with a pampered Pomeranian pooch… Yes? – And I thought, “Holy shit, look at the lifestyle that goes with this one!” And followed her home! (This … Read More #FurryFives : interview

Above the Lion and the Lamb (part three)

It was past four in the afternoon. We had been walking for over five hours. Despite our best smiles – and Joh’s chocolate – we were tired, very tired. We were desperately looking for something – a path that should have been climbing up towards us from the steep lower slopes of the glacial corrie below. But paths – this far into a landscape … Read More Above the Lion and the Lamb (part three)

#FurryFives – Passenger

– Tess, I’m not criticising your driving Sniff – I just think…. Sniff, sniff – I just think we took that corner a bit too fast! ©Stephen Tanham

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