#Furry Fives : Cool Boot

Human: We’re home now, shouldn’t you be facing the other way?

Tess: It’s cool in here…

Human: Aren’t you getting out?

Tess: It’s May. It’s 22 degrees. I’ve chased the ball for an hour… No.

Human: Fair point! Chicken?

©Stephen Tanham 2020

9 Replies to “#Furry Fives : Cool Boot”

  1. My GSD was a bit like that……….. we were in the forest on a blistering hot day and came across a small brook. She sat in it and would not budge. Her attitude was also very much ‘you threw it, you fetch it’.

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              1. They leave a hole, as does any pet. Maggie is the oldest dog I’ve had in my adult life as I’ve lost them at 10. She can be a real pain at times, but I’m dreading the day and would dearly wish she goes to Rainbow Bridge on her own terms. Hopefully not for a good while though.

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