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#FurryFives : Feet

Human: Dont get any ideas! Misti: About what, Father? Human: About diving on my feet! Misti: it’s the way they wiggle… Human: It’s called fear! ©Stephen Tanham 2020

#FurryFives : possession

Human: That’s my Yoga mat! Misti: She who has possession! Human: But I need to begin my online class! Misti: I’d concentrate on kissing your shin, like this, if I were you.. Human: I’m taking you back to Bolton and dumping you back in that bush! Misti: Bet you don’t… ©Copyright Stephen Tanham, 2020

#FurryFives : yoga

Tess: Misti, quick, look, I’ve mastered the headstand! Misti: But… Tess: And I can stretch out my arms, my neck is sooo strong with this yoga. Misti: But, you’re lying flat on the patio! Tess: I’m only copying Dad’s book! ©Stephen Tanham, 2020.

#FurryFives : manhunt

You’re here, somewhere! Maybe here? Possibly here? Or even here? Ah, there you are – my human! ©Copyright Stephen Tanham 2020

#FurryFives: groom

Misti: Morning, Tess! Tess; Morning, Misti! Misti: Fancy a groom? Tess: It’s a fine day… why not! Lick, lick, lick lick lick… Lick, lick, lick lick lick…. Misti: Can’t beat it! ©Stephen Tanham 2020

#FurryFives : twitch

Misti: “Tess! Spines are funny things aren’t they?” Tess: “Yes, Misti. But wonderful…” Misti: “I’ve been watching yours for a long time.” Tess: “Mmmm?” Misti: “And every time I blow on it, it ripples!” ©Copyright 2020 Stephen Tanham.

#FurryFives : Incoming!

Tess: I just love these lazy afternoons, Misti, don’t you? Misti: zzzzz. Tess: Whassat? Misti: Food? Tess: Nope.. ©Copyright Stephen Tanham 2020

#FurryFives : UFO

Misti: Wasssat! Misti: Tess! It’s a wasp! Tess (sleepy): It’s a bee, Misti… Misti: You don’t know everything, you know! Misti (looks at camera): And neither do you! ©Stephen Tanham 2020

#FurryFives : wash your human

Now then, girls, these are challenging times, so it’s important to keep your human clean! Let’s illustrate with the arm. First, give it a good sniff to check what kind of train-wreck you’re going to be dealing with… Then take a deep breath and rasp the tongue along the length of that rascal! Don’t be afraid to give it a little bite to get … Read More #FurryFives : wash your human

#FurryFives : tea in bed

(From an interview with R-CatZ Magazine) Mag: So, Miss Misti, how are you enjoying your life in the Lake District? Miss Misti: Oh, cool. I mean, so much better than that bush in Bolton! Mag: I can see! And you get early morning tea in bed, too! Miss Misti: Comes with the celebrity… And I got two staff as well! That’s his hand I’m … Read More #FurryFives : tea in bed

#FurryFives – Not Leaving

Human: Pretty please? Misti: Not in a month of Sundays… Human: We can’t leave for France if you don’t get off the travel bags… Misti: Exactly! Human: Chicken? ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – Tabletop Racer

Misti: “Boring, boring…. uh-uh, I feel a transformation coming on!” Misti: “Out of the pits and onto the long, ‘address label’ straight…” Misti: Reaching over 100 mph just before paper brook – will she brake in time or spin off? Misti: “Ooops! Its a race marshal… and he’s not pleased!” Misti: “Sigh…I didn’t know there was a sin-bin in motor racing” ©Copyright Stephen Tanham

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