Misti: “Tess! Spines are funny things aren’t they?”

Tess: “Yes, Misti. But wonderful…”

Misti: “I’ve been watching yours for a long time.”

Tess: “Mmmm?”

Misti: “And every time I blow on it, it ripples!”

©Copyright 2020 Stephen Tanham.

4 Comments on “#FurryFives : twitch

  1. I love this! Our cat, Yao, Yao, sleeps on Richard’s side when he is sleeping. One dog likes to sleep between my legs, and one dog sleeps on his back, legs straight up in the air, and snores loudly above our heads. Every now and then he makes his head move down by mine and licks my head in a kiss. Nothing is too funny for these pets. Oh yes, Little Man (the VERY old rescue dog) watches TV. I don’t know how well he can see it, and I am sure he can’t hear it but if he thinks I am watching it, he watches it intently until he falls asleep. What would we do without their joy and silliness they bring?

    I hope your mom is well and I am so glad you are keeping her with you in these times. I wish I could help all the elders in this park, most of whom have been dumped here by relatives (mobile home parks are the new care homes for elders). They don’t know their rights and I have tried to act as an advocate for them, but I can barely look after our own issues here. I am glad I am moving for this is a depressing place. I cannot believe those who have treat those who don’t have, or who are struggling with today. Thank you for the great post.Anne always

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    • Thank you, Anne. I learn a lot about the USA from your posts! Good that our animals provide a loving buffer in these challenging times!
      Sadly, mum chose to return home to Bolton after a month with us. The dementia prevents her from seeing the bigger threat and she missed her independence… Fingers crossed she stays safe. At 90, she is very vulnerable. We are using the lockdown to get through a long list of big jobs we’ve been putting off for years – like finally sorting and structuring the internals of the Saltpetre – the 1820 gunpowder store that sat next to the old canal whose now-dry basin forms half of our garden. Stay safe 😎


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