(From an interview with R-CatZ Magazine)

Mag: So, Miss Misti, how are you enjoying your life in the Lake District?

Miss Misti: Oh, cool. I mean, so much better than that bush in Bolton!

Mag: I can see! And you get early morning tea in bed, too!

Miss Misti: Comes with the celebrity… And I got two staff as well! That’s his hand I’m snoozing on. She’s busy tapping that screenie thing, as usual.

Mag: And do you have feline company too?

Miss Misti: Naw.. don’t want competition!. Mind you, I got the two moggies next door cowering… but I got my own Collie dog as a pet!

Mag: Well, Miss Misti, we’ll leave you to luxuriate…

Miss Misti: Thanks. I’ll be due a second cup of tea, soon. Suppose I’d better release his hand!

©Stephen Tanham

6 Comments on “#FurryFives : tea in bed

  1. It’s so nice to read something light and FUNNY too with all this serious and rabid stuff happening in our world after we have raped it for so many eons of time. Maybe we need to take a little laugh from the wisdom of pets, and then perhaps give life another shot. Hey, we are all still here, and it is not as though we cannot change EVER. It is the time to change, and for the better. Yes, it involves thinking, but we can take our hints from our four-legged friends, who always seem to know what to do, and I have not known a single one of them to do anything totally destructive to the world. Thank you so much and I miss you all and the readers so much. Have a lot to take care of (more than ever) right now, but one of these days, I will be able to read all there is from everyone and to comment as well. I touch bases lest we all forget how good this is for all of us. Thank you kindly again. Anne always

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      • That is absolutely true I know. I have 5 little dogs, 1 cat (three out of the six are rescues), and two goldfish. In my world, a person can never have too many pets as long as he or she has the wherewithal and is willing to take good care of them and give them love back that they give us. I would also have a little piglet, a goat, chickens, and especially bees, because they can teach us so much. I have raised bees before and they are gentle and will not hurt a person when their space and beings are respected. I forgot, I would have some donkeys too. You can’t just have one. They are very much family creatures and very sweet. When one of their members gets killed by a car usually, they all gather around it, put their heads up to the heavens, and bray together. So sad, but I love that all of the creatures are emotional as we are and in such a wonderful way.

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