The river is just below. Close and beautiful, as always, but he’s photographed it a hundred times and the winter’s challenge is to find a new place; a place hidden in the old, hidden in the usual.

And then, as he turns to seek elsewhere, it’s there. Devoid of leaves, its tall structure is all there is, but its presence is magnificent and dark with enduring purpose against the cold March sky.

10 Comments on “#ShortWrytz : Dreams of Trees

  1. Good one Steve. I often feel the same with familiar haunts, photographed them over and over and looking for something new. Amazing how a touch of light in the right place can transform the familiar into something startlingly fresh.

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  2. Trees are magical and spiritual for me. Years ago in hippy days (the good and creative ones), a friend of mine had a “house tree” in her kitchen. It was a eucalyptus tree that had fallen down or a huge branch of it. She had some young fellows cut it for her and put it on a block of wood so it spanned that block of wood clear up to the ceiling, and it was truly wedged in there. She hung all sorts of coffee cups, etc. on it, and I have had my own house trees every home I have lived in ever since. I never cut a tree to do that, but I save the fallen trees, often with branches coming out all over them and sometimes I wrap them in cloth. As an artist, it is one of the things I LOVE to do. So thank you for the great memories from your writing. It is so appreciated.

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    • What a lovely idea, Anne. Once, for Christmas, I scoured a forest for a fallen branch and brought it home. I sprayed fake snow on it and we made it into a Christmas ‘tree’. It looked great and was much admired. Safe ‘travels’. We’ll miss you! x

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