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A Deeper Summer

To a deeper sun I felt I had respondedSoft light behind the eyesLike crossing tidal lines upon a beachA scent, a fleeting touchA feeling words can seldom reachThe light like artist’s silk upon the breezeI struggle to define this placeOr point a finger at its heartSave that it was as far again from summerAs summer is from winterAs entered space yields motion Whose duration … Read More A Deeper Summer

Summer’s Retort

A circulating seedThat knows no deathFinds purchase in the soilOf spring’s awakened greenAnd in the silky, shortest nightExplodes. Born a child of solstice lightThe summer’s lust for lifeEmbeds itself withinThe coalescing heart of flowerTo fall as seed returnedThe forms of life are eatenBaked and rolled As harvest yields tomorrow And bonfires mark the end of lightCasting free this single sparkProjected, angel brightInto the heart … Read More Summer’s Retort

Green Fingers

The heat, it must have been the heatThat teased and turned my stepsThat stepped a different thrust and beatA moan of limbs on fire where once were feet. The green, it must have been the greenThat cooled me in a light I’d never drunkThat drank me in a way that drew a sighSurrendering to what, before, I had not seen.Into the trees; I went … Read More Green Fingers

Green Fingers

The heat, it must have been the heat That teased and turned my steps That stepped a different thrust and beat A moan of limbs on fire where once were feet. The green, it must have been the green That cooled me in a light I’d never drunk That drank me in a way that drew a sigh Surrendering to what – before, I … Read More Green Fingers

Wootton Rivers

We’re spending a few days in the Wiltshire village of Wootton Rivers. Set in the middle of the ancient Vale of Pewsey, its fertile farmland has a documented history going back to the Bronze Age. But we’re not here for the history… It’s a long way from Cumbria. The clue to why we’re here is the village’s proximity to Avebury, home of Britain’s largest … Read More Wootton Rivers

Still Light: the paths of June

As May neared it’s end, we were beginning to despair in this most northerly part of England. Record cold and wet weather for the entire spring had dampened our Covid-reduced spirits to absolute emotional zero… Then something remarkable happened. As though the intensity of the late warmth and light had to quickly compensate for what hadn’t happened so far, summer burst forth. And the … Read More Still Light: the paths of June

Until tomorrow

Within a world where atoms part This golden glory, rich like silks Is accidental art Whose numbers are not seen Made beauty only by our minds With insubstantial form and finds ➰ But let me share my secret truth That nowhere is that pattern lacking The heart of life’s delight And say: when dulled mind looks on this Content with art’s deflection It finds … Read More Until tomorrow

Still Light: twilight and night garden

Our garden faces south, which means the arc of the sun can be watched for most of the day, and, at this time of year, well into the evening. One of our favourite things to do at the end of day’s gardening is to sit with a gin and tonic, plus a bowl of crisps, and watch the sun’s final slide into the west. … Read More Still Light: twilight and night garden

Still Light : what lies beneath

One of the joys of a bright summer day, few though they may be, is the way the intense light creates a new zone of interest beneath a tall object. A classic example, here, is the Race Office of the Morecambe Sailing Club (MSC). It sits high, overlooking Morecambe Bay on the edge of the town centre. The Race Office sits on an engineered … Read More Still Light : what lies beneath

The Paradox of Cromarty

‘Human nature, unchecked by strong values, drifts downwards towards chaos, drowning the vital and corrective energy of individuality…‘ Read the full post here…

Still Light : green and blue on soft white

With bright May light streaming through the window, there’s little to match the exuberance of living green and glassy blue as it splashes across the bathroom’s pure white. It’s a riot of gorgeous colour and a moment that might be brief, so I step out of the shower and still dripping, grab the iPhone… I’m glad I did. Seconds later, the latest heavy cloud … Read More Still Light : green and blue on soft white

Seeing with Clouds

In clouds, I find endless joy and food for both emotion and meditation. People often say, humorously, “You seem to be able to get clouds to do things for you!” I’m not sure that’s the case, but I am sure that I have an affinity with the sky and with the formation, shape and movement of these wonderful entities – and that has altered … Read More Seeing with Clouds

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