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Days of Sky

When days roll, heavy hearted, by And dusk has turned a darker hue Where breathing’s choked and not so free I rest my back on bark of old ash tree And whisper words into electric blue Discovering solace in the sky ©Stephen Tanham Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, a journey through the forest of personality to the dawn of Being.

Old Blue Devil

➰ Within the sky You formed one day I have you said With dipping horn Not gone away ➰ I willed you go Your old one eye Belligerent Inclined to stay Declined my sigh ➰ Am home, it cried Among and in The shallow mind The narrow gaze The snarling din ➰ Resistant to My magic frown This hungry eye Just widens now And … Read More Old Blue Devil

When I close my eyes

Sometimes, when I close my eyes I’m back in California A younger man, who takes off his rollerblades Happily exhausted, after a day on the special, The very special, skater road in Santa Monica Which runs right though the middle of the sand For miles . . . even crossing under the pier And snaking on, like a dream that never ends . . … Read More When I close my eyes

And if you dare it . . .

And if you dare it Build it strong For hands of Gods Wait aeons long To still the single voice of Babel Stan Feb15

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