When the leaves have all but gone, nature still has one or two colourful surprises left.

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Rivers are beautiful at any time of year. This one, the River Kent, flows through Levens Park on its final mile to the sea, joining three other rivers in its outfall into the north end of Morecambe Bay

Levens Park is the ancestral home of the Bagot family, whose grand house – Levens Hall – was passed to them via a tortuous route going back to Norman times, including once changing hands in a card game.

(Above: Levens Hall with its surviving Tudor garden)

Levens Hall boasts one of the few surviving Tudor gardens, but the park itself forms a beautiful landscape as it follows the long curve of the river.

At their finest in the autumn and the spring, the ancient trees are a delight, including a set of oaks that frame the best views of the river, below.

In the opening shot, an opportunistic fern has made its symbiotic home in the curve of the trunk. I had never noticed it, before, so I’ll be interested to see if it survives… and wishing it well.

©Stephen Tanham, 2020.

Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, which offers a distance-learning programme to deepen the personality and align it with the soul.

18 Comments on “Mellow moods for Autumn (8) the Levens Estate

    • Morning, Robbie. I think if the tree’s healthy, they are symbiotic. If the tree is compromised, it will suffer. This one looks okay- hopefully… or I shall be up there with my ladder and trowel! 😎

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      • That is good to know, Steve. The reason I mentioned it is that my son and I passed a tree that looked dead a few days ago. It was completely covered with another plant and so this discussion came up. I will tell him what you have said. Thank you.

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    • Bernie tells me that mistletoe does harm a host tree, being parasitic. Having said that, it will usually not kill the tree, but May weekend it. Thank you for the reblog! 😎

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  1. I often pass the entrance to Levens Hall on my way to and from the Lakes and can’t remember the number of times I’ve said I’ll call but never have. I also always seem to be travelling on days when it’s closed. I’ve seen photos of the famous topiary gardens, and it looks wonderful, so it’s on my list for a special visit next year, if Cumbria will let us in by then.

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    • It’s worth it, Michael. The house and gardens are beautiful, but the excellent and stylish cafe offers great lunches – take away only at the moment, but you can sit in the courtyard. As dog owners, we’re used to that, anyway!


  2. Hi Steve, A nostalgic piece for me as I now live in Spain. Obviously, both the UK and Spain are very different. Each beautiful in different ways. Your photographs are so appealing.- reminding me of the Lake District and parts of Wales (I’m half Welsh). Ah, the green, green grass …Mother Nature is to be applaujded! Thank you.

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