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#ShortWrytz – The Rock

It sat there… peaceful; serene, even. The tide came in, washed off the loose, blown sand, then went back out. Pretty much like any other day, really. But the rock knew this day was different… The young boy came over and stared at the rock, as he had done most days since that first day – the day they had started speaking to each … Read More #ShortWrytz – The Rock

The croissant and me

It’s one of those love-hate things… Apart from a bacon sandwich – crispy, of course – it’s my favourite breakfast… assuming Manx kippers aren’t on the menu… The humble French croissant, bought frozen from M&S, baked for twenty minutes in the oven then served alongside a fresh latté made in our Nespresso machine. We’re ‘dunkers’ my wife and I. The croissant reaches new heights … Read More The croissant and me

The Cat and the Executioner’s Block

It’s made of oak and is very heavy. Sir Gawain of the Round Table knelt at it to have his neck severed by the Green Man in ‘Leaf and Flame’, the Silent Eye’s 2016 workshop by Stuart France and Sue Vincent. I know, I played the part of Sir Gawain, the knight who wanders in search of his death, a forfeit undertaken to protect … Read More The Cat and the Executioner’s Block

Sweet Soup and Pot Dogs

I usually do serious posts on this Thursday slot. They are generally aimed at the Silent Eye audience, so involve mystical perspectives on some of life’s challenges. But sometimes one’s own life drops a ‘corridor’ over you, from which there is no escape, and you have to take a withdrawn and usually humorous view of events… or go completely insane. She passed me the … Read More Sweet Soup and Pot Dogs

Goodbye, old friends…

I’ve had them for more years than I care to remember… They were seriously expensive, back then in Bolton in the late 1980s. In a rare solitary moment, I had a coffee, then strolled through the retail side of ‘The Reebok’, as the new development was called then. All of it centred around the impressive new ground of the Bolton Wanderers football team. I … Read More Goodbye, old friends…

The Cafe at the end of the Writing World

“It used to be called, simply, vanity publishing,” a good friend said to me, recently. She is more than just a friend, she’s the kind of good friend who tells you the truth, not always what we want to hear. I’ve made some wonderful friends as a writer in the community. Although I’ve written a few ‘Amazon books’ as well, I’m not going … Read More The Cafe at the end of the Writing World

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