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The Human Eye in Winter

Within the blood of life the love is colour: The lime-shine kiss of spring’s new fingers The rising sun, the heart of gold The mellow blaze as autumn lingers. And listens to the human eye in winter —- Dark path the seeming death that follows fall Pale exile when the tints have turned to bone A zero-state as life, slow-frozen, bares its truth: That … Read More The Human Eye in Winter

Only the Eye that Sees

Without the autumn I could not know the spring. The fulsome green, harmonic To elegance of death by colour, Made crisp by failing light. – Without the winter I could not know the summer’s Smile, written in the dance of life Zenith’d with burning Sun Born, frozen in the still of ice. – Without the spring I could not know the autumn’s Parting glory, … Read More Only the Eye that Sees

Ark of the Berry

When Winter’s bite Makes clear it’s first and full intent There comes to pass a holy summer berry, Both food and ark of life renewed. Which eaten and dispersed, begins The dark and bitter climb, through Root and branch and stem Until within the flower of year to come It finds itself remade but one ————————————— ©Stephen Tanham 2022 Stephen Tanham is a Director … Read More Ark of the Berry

Slither hither…

And do you slither hither… When soft and dozing, August finds My sleeping skin beneath your sun My mind soft dulled with wine, and Sky so blue it sings like life Reborn… ————- When winter’s bite’s so long forgot Yet present in your kiss Drink this, drink deep, the she-snake smiles Let this be all there is And hither to my opened lips You … Read More Slither hither…

Beneath the horns of goats and men

A rocky height of towering truth A hundred years of blood and sacrifice Laid waste in haste to crown a naked lie Where courtiers smile like truth and gloat Up among the goat-men at the throat Once taken, that first step reflects The once-fine earth, which now collects Within the wheels of grasping greed Old boys, less good, embrace the skin Beneath the hooves … Read More Beneath the horns of goats and men

Wandering star

Nowhere to go nothing to do Only to be With the I That was you… Uig, Isle of Lewis 2Jun22

Nightmare in Béziers

In dream I woke and stood bewitched Before a door of oak and cedar To hear a voice that played upon A song of keys, part lost, part won And tugged and pulled my heart to be there With haunting glimpse of lifetime fixed As though my past had been remixed ➰ Who knocks? – In truth, I had not yet A saving grace … Read More Nightmare in Béziers

Golden Daffodil

©Stephen Tanham 2022 Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, a journey through the forest of personality to the dawn of Being. and

Rivers of the Sun

And did we dare, upon these rugged Yorkshire hills. To dream we could, then frame in would, then do… Life mirrored in the human word, embracing those who spoke it With commitment and with love That, flowing into what was seen up high, in heather heaven Became, like sparkling stream in winter, a promise. -;–;–;- Then, eight circles later of the Sun, you left … Read More Rivers of the Sun


In my Kitchen

It’s looking quite forlorn now The larder shelves are bare There’s a rocket in my kitchen And my kitchen isn’t there -:- He doesn’t want the kitchen That father carved in wood He only wants its ruin And the land on which it stood -:- My children went outside to play And found his cluster bombs All brightly decked with spirals To reckon all … Read More In my Kitchen


Heavy metal, thinly sailed, is cast Like toy, and dropped onto the stone. Hedges bend, bow and form New writhing shapes – grotesques – Their twisted tongues malforming names Of foolish men who thought to tame The wild and winds of Cumbria… ——– And yet, from this we do emerge In harsh, unruly tufts of grass And mud that drains off torrents passed. Bleached … Read More Emergence


©Stephen Tanham 2022 Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, a journey through the forest of personality to the dawn of Being. and

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