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Poet, Philosopher and …

St Peter’s Church, Heysham, is simply beautiful. I’ve written about it, before. But there’s a rumour that something unusual is hidden on one of the gravestones. Equipped with the knowledge that its existence is real, we go looking… Past the flower gardens with the hidden benches. Down the slope towards the sea, but stop… Beside the grave that seems to be visited more than … Read More Poet, Philosopher and …

Faro2 : The Shape that fell to Earth

Looking back, it could have been the sunshine… The bright blue sky was such a contrast to the cold grey clouds of Cumbria in early March. But it wasn’t. There was something about the shape of Faro2 that actually spoke to me… It looks crazy – the words emerging on the screen here. Sounds even more lunatic putting it into a mystically oriented blog-slot, … Read More Faro2 : The Shape that fell to Earth

Teach your Children

The ‘great white hotel’, as we called it, began across the road from where our small apartments ended. Its elegant, curving facade made it one of the most impressive of the ‘grand hotels’ on the Atlantic island of Gran Canaria. Majestically, it hugged the line of the small ‘wadi’: a set of wide waterways designed to absorb the floodwaters from the nearby mountains. “There … Read More Teach your Children

Country Girl?

It’s a song by Crosby, Stills and Nash, written in 1970 by their new band member Neil Young, for the best-selling album Déjà Vu; the event that propelled them to achieve what the music world described as ‘supergroup’ status. Link. It was a transformative moment for a sixteen year old boy-man who had just been bought the album as a Christmas present… But … Read More Country Girl?

The pursuit of personal music…

I’ve been clearing out my study. I’m a hoarder, and it’s an essential process once every year or so…if I’m honest, occasionally two! At the bottom of a yet another box of ‘memorabilia’, I found this. Back in the day, when I was a Computer Science student at Wolverhampton Polytechnic, I had very little money. My dad had bought me a decent stereo with … Read More The pursuit of personal music…

A Poolewe diary (2)

Continued from Part One. I should have known, really…that our luck would run out, one day. According to a close friend, who loves journeys into Scotland as much as we do, we are a ‘talisman’ for good weather. No less than six trips in a row – over several years – have seen us bathed in sunshine for most of the week. There have … Read More A Poolewe diary (2)

A Poolewe diary (1)

A what? I can hear you think… I’d never heard of it, either. Poolewe is a small lochside community between Ullapool and Gairloch in the far north-west of Scotland. If you were to sail due west – which you can’t because the loch points acutely north-west, bordered on both sides – you’d come to the island of Lewis and Harris, the major part of … Read More A Poolewe diary (1)

Spirituality in Transition

There are times when you know that a particular world is changing. By ‘world’ I mean a specific part of life, not the whole world, though that could be said to be in a state of apparently chaotic change, too… The ‘world’ I mean is that of spiritual teaching; and the challenges to its present methods come in various forms: The major one is … Read More Spirituality in Transition

ButWhatIsIt? #8

Taken on a weekend trip – which is the only cunning clue I’m giving away, this rather unusual and large object was completely at odds with its surroundings… Answer+++++++++++ below Here’s the solution. I was convinced that no-one would get this but Carol of Carolcooks2 got it on the nose! It’s a very early form of church radiator, with huge, cast iron fins. At … Read More ButWhatIsIt? #8

Orderly and Aligned?

There’s an old aphorism in the field of teaching mysticism: that if you endeavour to do something of significance; something that requires careful planning and even more careful resourcing, then you will be surprised how ‘testing’ the ‘final approach to the event will be. Moreover, the difficulties thrown at one may- humorously – be taken as a reflection of the event’s importance. The word’s … Read More Orderly and Aligned?

ButWhatIsIt? #7

Answer: So I’d better reveal the story of the strange object in the photo. We ran many Silent Eye weekends over the past decade. The events were all stories where each person played a part, reading their part as though doing a final dress rehearsal, but these were real and carried a high degree of involvement and intensity. Knowing how many parts to write … Read More ButWhatIsIt? #7

Lakeland in Winter (1) Bowness-on-Windermere

I thought you might like a walk through Bowness-on-Windermere. It’s the place that most people think of as ‘Windermere’, but the actual town of Windermere is a 45 min walk up the hill from the lake: the final station on the rail line from Kendal, and as close as the Victorian engineers could get to the lake from the surrounding hills. Holidaymakers arrive in … Read More Lakeland in Winter (1) Bowness-on-Windermere

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