Answer: So I’d better reveal the story of the strange object in the photo. We ran many Silent Eye weekends over the past decade. The events were all stories where each person played a part, reading their part as though doing a final dress rehearsal, but these were real and carried a high degree of involvement and intensity.

Knowing how many parts to write was a nightmare. If you found yourself short, then people had to be asked to ‘play’ two parts, which make their enjoyment more challenging. One particular workshop, River of the Sun, was set in Egyptian times and told the story of a trainee priest of the Sun who had to navigate the wrath of a visiting Rameses II.

I had been looking forward to a ‘year off’ in the sense of simply directing and carrying out the job of musical technician – starting dramatic music and sound effects requires careful timing. In the two days before the workshop, two attendees came down with flu and were unable to attend. This meant we did not have enough people to stage the ‘play’ as planned.

In desperation, I sorted through my electronics drawer and found I had bought – then forgotten – a small but powerful portable speaker: the blue object fastened with wire wrapped in gold cloth in the above image. The snake was one of the props used by a character that I now had to play… plus I had to be the technician as well. To make this work I had to carry around the music (hosted from my iPad) as well as reading the character’s part from the same device.

The ‘tech-snake’ as it came to be known, achieved a degree of notoriety and served us well. The workshop, with its play and music, was judged a success by all. The combination of snake and tech saved the day…

TanGental’s response was popular with everyone, so I’m going to award both bottles of Cognac to him. Well done, Geoff. Thanks to all who took part. Another one next Sunday…

Original text below:

Slight change of emphasis with this one – and some wacky fun.

It’s pretty obvious what it is… in one sense. But!

Here’s a clue: it rescued me at a Silent Eye event a few years ago. That’s all I’m saying!

I’m giving away two virtual bottles of Cognac; one for the most accurate answer (including ‘why it is’), the other for the most humorous answer to ‘what’ it is.

Have some fun and enjoy the madness…

The answer will be given on Monday evening. Thanks for playing.

You’ll need a strong and refined tipple after having a go at this one, so here’s one I consider among the best: A VSOP Courvoisier Cognac.

The supplier (Virgin wines in this case) says about this fine Cognac:

  • All Courvoisier Cognacs are double distilled in traditional 25 litre alembic stills to create eau-de-vies of epic intensity.
  • Master Blender Patrice Pinet carefully selects each barrel and skilfully brings them together to create exceptionally fine brandy.
  • This VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) Cognac is smooth, has lovely oak spice, floral notes and plenty of lovely stone fruit character.
  • Stephen Tanham is not on commission!

©Stephen Tanham 2022

Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, a journey through the forest of personality to the dawn of Being. and

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  1. It’s a legendary Egyptian Humilitron: every time you start getting too big for your boots the snake’s head gives you a look of total disappointment and repeats ‘Dont be an Asp Pole’…

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