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North by Northwest

It sits over the ocean like one of the spice-navigated, space-time warping Guild Ships from Frank Herbert’s novel ‘Dune’. It’s probably an old lighthouse extended into a cafe…probably. In front of it, in futuristic letters, forged into the stone of the pier, is a giant metal compass dial, announcing to those passing that this landing space is designated ‘North by Northwest’. Which may be … Read More North by Northwest

Goths on the Lake?

A mid-November trip to Keswick and one of its two lakes – Derwent Water. The last few days of the visit of our artist friend from Oz, before she leaves for a final rendezvous in Manchester and then the long journey back home to Melbourne. A week with us then she had two days with a fellow artist and his engineer wife… who happen … Read More Goths on the Lake?

The bridge over the railway at Grange

The railway made Grange-over-Sands; and part of that legacy is a wonderful but decidedly odd-looking metal bridge over the line as you’re leaving the town to the West – in the direction of Barrow-in-Furness. It’s a favourite piece of architecture – mainly for the photogenic views up the line, as in the cover shot… The giant L-shaped structure dominates this part of the promenade. … Read More The bridge over the railway at Grange

Night beginnings…

I love images that pull you in and suggest what might follow… ‘The car behind had been gaining on her for the past few minutes, getting closer with every mile. How far was she from civilisation! Would she be able to outrun him…assuming it was a him!’ —- ‘He looked ahead and saw the car slowing… No! It had stopped. And he was hurtling … Read More Night beginnings…

Bardsea Sunset

Just about my favourite shot of October so far. Bardsea is a vast beach a few miles along the coast road from Ulverston. It looks south over Morecambe Bay and is a favourite walk for dog owners. Frisbees can be thrown ‘for miles’! When we returned to the car, the sun was setting and I could see its reflection in one of the pools. … Read More Bardsea Sunset

Maple Quay

There’s a giant maple tree on the quayside at Waterhead on the northern shores of Lake Windermere. Waterhead is the most northerly ferry stop on this, England’s biggest lake. Boats from Waterhead link the town of Ambleside to Bowness and Lakeside at the southern tip of the lake. We call it ‘Maple Quay’ though it has no official name. In the autumn, the tree … Read More Maple Quay

Lines on Stone

It’s amusing to watch your own progress with a pastime, hobby, or even a skill. I was new to creative photography a few years ago, and set about it with the usual Gemini enthusiasm. It doesn’t take long before you’ve taken hundreds of shots, some of them credible renderings of beautiful things – like our local River Kent, or buildings, or even skies – … Read More Lines on Stone

Menace on the Pier…

The afternoon sun was bright in the sky. We were walking back along Morecambe’s Stone Jetty – one of mum’s favourite short walks. We had just passed the half-way point by the old cafe, when I noticed we were approaching one of the tallest lamp posts – and the sun was very close to it’s line in the sky. I had been looking for … Read More Menace on the Pier…

Theatre of the Mind

Once a month, on the evening of the third Sunday, the Silent Eye hosts a zoom-based get-together on the internet. People join us from across the world. The purpose is to share our (and others’) explorations of the mystically-oriented life; hence its name: SE-Explorations. In the comfort of our own homes, those who might be curious and those who seem to have been curious … Read More Theatre of the Mind

Organic ceilings…

We know very little about King’s Cross Station. Our rail journeys to Cumbria always begin at Euston Station, a fifteen minute walk away. A journey via Leeds gave us the chance to pass through this venerable part of Britain’s infrastructure, and I immediately noticed the roof. My first thought was that it had been designed by the same architects as the roof of the … Read More Organic ceilings…

City Sky Garden

At the end of the summer each year, we try to spend a few days in London. The South Bank is our favourite haunt. The opening photos of the city’s financial district, above and below, were taken from a point adjacent to the Globe Theatre, overlooking the Thames, and looking northwards. This year the trip was set up by our goddaughter, Karen, who had … Read More City Sky Garden

Fading summer wine

One of the most poignant moments of the year is the last week of August. There comes that first sense of ‘chill’, plus the heavy dew on the morning grass. We find the best way to deal with this is a bottle of white wine, taken just as the warmth of the afternoon has begun to ebb. We spend the time it takes to … Read More Fading summer wine

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