Nook use thisAA

We meet up for a bowl and brew

When winter days are short

And darkness fills the edge of hours

And shortens lives too far apart


The muddy Collie, winding stairs

Are worth the sodden ball and park

The panting dog with coursing blood

Now flops, no more to chase and bark


I leave the table free for you

While shaking coat of leaves

The dripping heap disturbs no one

Tucked high in writer’s eaves


The notebook freshly muddied

Now flaps open, dripped anew

Ideas spark as coffee starts

To focus hidden inner view


The years are hundreds since

This nook was crafted first

How many pens have scribbled here

How many hearts have burst?


So take this chair, wiped freshly dry

And sup with me a while

And let us conjure worlds anew

And bring that winter smile…


©Stephen Tanham

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