Now then, girls, these are challenging times, so it’s important to keep your human clean! Let’s illustrate with the arm. First, give it a good sniff to check what kind of train-wreck you’re going to be dealing with…

Then take a deep breath and rasp the tongue along the length of that rascal!

Don’t be afraid to give it a little bite to get the cat juices flowing!

Take frequent breaks and hold the limb still while you focus on the remaining work..

Remember, the job’s not finished till the thumb’s done! Get the tongue out and w-a-s-h that digit!

Job done! Now for a little ‘me-time’ and a wait for the ‘well done’ stroke. Your human lives to fight another day…

©Copyright Stephen Tanham 2020

12 Comments on “#FurryFives : wash your human

  1. This is the funniest thing I have read for weeks, and I absolutely loved it. It came at a time when I am burdened with trying to help everyone around me in my senior mobile home park because they are physically challenged, or they are so frail and elderly, and truly unable to totally help themselves. The elders have been forgotten in this area of the U.S., to say nothing of homeless, etc. who are invisible right now, so I laughed at your wonderful send and it is and always will be great to remember. I think I will go back and reread it because we all need to remind ourselves that this is not yet the end of the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Oh yes, and thank the furry one too for participating in this special taking care of the human.

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  2. My animals ALL want to clean us too. So I guess we never have to worry about a water shortage! We have 3 female Chihuahuas, and two rescue males, one about 110 years old, and someone dumped him in our park over a year ago in the pouring rain. Luckily a neighbor thought he must be one of ours and brought him to us. I nursed him back to health, and we have called him Ratatouille, Little Man, and Leapster as he has such a strong will to live. He is a very funny little guy and he loves us both so much that if I go to bed early, he keeps getting out of bed to see when his Daddy is coming to bed too and he does it repeatedly until Richard comes to bed. And then there is Yukon Jack, who is supposed to be some kind of Chihuahua mix, but he is our biggest one and he “talks” like a Husky – very expressive. Finally, we have Yao Yao the female cat who is a rescue cat who came to us declawed apparently by one of her previous owners as no one does that any more. She is pretty decent for a sort of mixed color meowster. Well, we can’t leave our our two 7″+ goldfish, whose big aquarium is right next to my desk, and who will literally get mad at me and splash me if I don’t hurry and give them their food when they want more. Animals sure help us to have a good perspective on life. Thank you so kindly.


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