(Above: The new Ford Anglia of 1967)

I came across this image the other day: a Ford Anglia, 1967. We had one, just this colour, and it was new. The first new car our family ever had.

We’d had it about two weeks when Dad packed us all in and we motored off in the sunshine to Colwyn Bay; there to spend a few days in a B&B, and enjoying the car along various roads on the North Wales coast.

He kept the clear plastic covers on the seats for about two months – till Mum made him remove them one hot day… people did, back then. Anything new was so special!

Heaven… and happy memories. Dad’s been gone these past ten years, but his love of cars lives on… Dunno who saved the poster, but thank you!

©Copyright Stephen Tanham.

©Stephen Tanham 2020

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18 Comments on “#ShortWrytz : Anglia ‘67

  1. Yes, they were a lovely looking car. I find old adverts for fifties and sixties cars very appealing, also telling, speaking more to wholesome family values. Very nostalgic. Now it’s about image and “attitude”.

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  2. My second car was an angle box, 1966 reg and I got it in 1978. I still remember the registration number!We bought it from an elderly lady who was giving up driving and kept it in the garage with a small heater under the bonnet and blanket over the top in the winter as it didn’t like the cold. She was a reliable car, EXCEPT when it rained and then she wouldn’t start for love nor money!

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    • Curiously enough, I’ve never heard ‘angle box’ before, Pensitivity.. and now I’m feeling deficient ‘cos its such a good one! Ah the wings, and the raised tail lights… so avant garde at the time. Amazing how many had them. Thanks for the comment! 😎

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  3. In the U.S. I never heard of them, but we had an old Ford with the big fins, and it was Robin’s Egg Blue and we thought we had died and gone to heaven. But then gas here in those days (in the U.S. in general) was around 33 cents a gallon, and that included all the servicing from a real gas station attendant. And if you used the restroom even out on the highways near nothing, they were sparkling clean. People took pride in those things in those days. Life was so different. Families actually did all sorts of things together, and if you had your teenage friends, your friends were likely to be family friends of your own family too. Entertainment and family meant something different altogether. Ah, those were good years. Thank you for the wonderful memories.

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