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#FurryFives : possession

Human: That’s my Yoga mat! Misti: She who has possession! Human: But I need to begin my online class! Misti: I’d concentrate on kissing your shin, like this, if I were you.. Human: I’m taking you back to Bolton and dumping you back in that bush! Misti: Bet you don’t… ©Copyright Stephen Tanham, 2020

#FurryFives : thinking outside the box

Human: Ah, you’ve found the new box! Misti: it’s just the right size… Human: But I was using it to store your play balls! Misti: I moved them to where they’d be happier. Human: Ah, yes… sigh. ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – Passenger

– Tess, I’m not criticising your driving Sniff – I just think…. Sniff, sniff – I just think we took that corner a bit too fast! ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – Fallen

-Tess? Yes, Misti – I think we need to practice Practice what, Misti? – That piggy-back trick! ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – The Famous Miss Misti

🎵My kind of town, 🎵Chicago is… one town that won’t let you down! 🎵It’s myyyyyyyyy… 🎵Kiiiiiind of toowwwn! Miss Misti has left the building… ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – Geometry

– Tess? Yes, Misti – I’ve been thinking about what you said about geometry Yes, Misti – And I don’t think its called a hypotenose… ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – the Edge

– You, know, Tess? Yes, Misti? – I’ve been thinking Mmmm? – One more dream and you’re going to roll off this! ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – Foot stool

Thats my footstool! – You weren’t using it! I’m about to… – I’m about to… keep it… If you weren’t so beautiful… ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – Easter

Sammy: She didn’t need to flounce off like that! Tess: She’ll be back when she smells the lunch cooking. Sammy: She lived with us, once, you know. She didn’t flounce off when we rescued her from the streets of Bolton! Oh, no – scoffed all my food then! Tess: Ingrate… Sammy: Sniff. ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – Cure for Crows

I hate crows, Tess, don’t you? – They’re harmless… just make a lot of noise That’s the point, craw, craw, bloody craw… from dawn till dusk – What are you doing now? Your little head’s going into another dimension! Shaking their noise out of my ears. © Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives Eeurgh!

– C’mon little fella, you can make it… – That pond’s not far! – Just three more hops… one, two– – Eeurgh! I can’t look – I hate herons… ©Stephen Tanham

#FurryFives – Bored

Misti :  I’m bored Tess: I’m staying asleep Misti: I’m still bored Tess: You’ve been running across the back of my settee for an hour Misti: You’re so predictable… ©Stephen Tanham

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