Once there was an ocean

A bright blue ocean

That shone shimmering gold

As its waves crested and fell

And the bubbles danced with joy

Then a bubble grew bigger

And gathered other big bubbles

We’re not bubbles they cried

We’re a cluster of bubbles

And they rose to the top of the waves

And flew off into the bright sky

Higher thy flew

Towards the burning sun

Which turned them to steam

Which cooled

And they fell and fell

Landing on the single bubbles

Who were dancing below


It’s good to be a part

Of something

It’s better still

To belong

To something


©Stephen Tanham

17 Comments on “Big Bubbles

      • I believe it, Steve. I wrote one too the other day after I was meditating for awhile.

        I looked out into the endless sky that met with the sea
        And wondered if perhaps the sky
        Might have swallowed the sea,
        Or perhaps the Sea was devouring the sky.
        And I wondered what the navigators of ships of old
        Must have thought as they witnessed
        This incredible sight.
        Did they fear closing on the horizon only to find
        It expanding beyond their imagination?
        Did they begin to question where daylight began and night fell?
        Did they wonder
        About the birds above?
        Were they falling from the ocean?

        Happy Autumn for you and yours!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Thank you, Anne. That’s beautiful and profound. We need to place ourselves in such spaces and get ‘lost’. I was up with the dog at four in the morning last week and got lost staring at the beautiful stars in the bowl of the heavens…


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