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Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
She is no marble angel with a kiss of ice, A dark ghost, never waked, But a woman, warm and soft, Embracing a velvet universe, Melting the stars of eternity, Deliciously blushing, Longing for life.

The Talking Darkness #writephoto

This is in response to Sue Vincent’s #writephoto ‘Frozen’ and the photo above. He chose his moment to appear at the edge of the dark forest; the forest through which they had come on their murderous journey. The few that knew him used his ancient name: the Talking Darkness…. Anyone in the dark green shadows looking out to the approaching night would have seen … Read More The Talking Darkness #writephoto

Land of the Heart

This is a self-help exercise I developed recently. I call it ‘Land of the Heart’ It’s an exercise that involves the surrender of the small self that feels so much pain and anguish, especially at a time of national division, such as we have on both sides of the Atlantic, today. It’s an exercise that addresses that feeling of helplessness that many of us … Read More Land of the Heart

Mellow, then Naked

With gentle care, my drunken head Is upwards tilted, facing Sun I glimpse pale gold in summer’s field To trace, already, winter’s dread As hues of autumn’s failing now revealed ➰ Too soon! Unready heart implores! But she, intent and moistened scent Upon the harvest’s fulsome bliss Inscribes my name on deeper lands- Baptising wordsmith with her kiss ➰ This is my chosen task–her … Read More Mellow, then Naked

Of Time and Space… Stuart France

And one from Stuart…

A restful weekend…

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
“Don’t give me your excuses…. you’re a superhobbit and superhobbits don’t seize up!” My son had phoned me to discuss his garden, even though I had just spent yet another nine hours in it, moving tons of earth and stone… and that is not dramatic exaggeration but simple fact. I’d done the same the for two…

#FurryFives – cappuccino

– You wouldn’t get me sulking Cappuccino! – I only said your fur looks like a milky coffee… And yours a cappuccino! – Well, I am a cat! ©Stephen Tanham

#ShortWrytz: A Pint of Change

There’s nothing pretty about this street in Ulverston, but the depth and intensity of the shadow caught my eye… Unseen to the photographer, just visible in the upper left – in the gap between the rooftops and the tree – is The Hoad; a lighthouse-like monument to one of the town’s most famous sons: Sir John Barrow. Born in Ulverston in 1764 of humble … Read More #ShortWrytz: A Pint of Change

#ShortWrytz : “thank you!”

Thank you. Oh thank you… thank you. 😎 Steve

#ShortWrytz: ’18’

It’s rained all night – for most of August, to be honest. Our weekly Pilates class has been beset by bridge failures for the past two months. So.. equipped with our own tea, we’re here early… 18 minutes early, to be exact, and sitting, with kind permission, in the closed bar of Kendal Rugby Club, the place where the classes are held. Funny how … Read More #ShortWrytz: ’18’

Vexed by the Tribe (part two) – the fabrication of complexity

We’re visiting relatives. It’s friendly. We have a light meal and some cake to follow. But then someone mentions Brexit and a cold frost descends on the room… My wife and I bite our tongues, knowing our hosts are firm believers that Britain’s post-colonial destiny lies in a renewed ‘Little England’ reborn from some poster of decades ago. Until my wife’s uncle says, “Besides, … Read More Vexed by the Tribe (part two) – the fabrication of complexity

Above the Lion and the Lamb (part three)

It was past four in the afternoon. We had been walking for over five hours. Despite our best smiles – and Joh’s chocolate – we were tired, very tired. We were desperately looking for something – a path that should have been climbing up towards us from the steep lower slopes of the glacial corrie below. But paths – this far into a landscape … Read More Above the Lion and the Lamb (part three)

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