It’s rained all night – for most of August, to be honest. Our weekly Pilates class has been beset by bridge failures for the past two months.

So.. equipped with our own tea, we’re here early… 18 minutes early, to be exact, and sitting, with kind permission, in the closed bar of Kendal Rugby Club, the place where the classes are held.

Funny how the table number is chuckling at me…

©Stephen Tanham

2 Comments on “#ShortWrytz: ’18’

  1. I love the flowers. Wow, it is difficult to imagine you all having the types of difficulties we have here, but of course you would. Here it is wildfires, and there have been plenty of them. One of my best friends lived in a Northern California town called Paradise, CA, and in early November, the entire town burned down. They were lucky to get out alive and she is a paraplegic fiber artist, so she not only lost their rental home, but all of her art, equipment, etc. and she is a very good artist. They just finally got another home and down in mid-California, so safer I hope.

    I have read a lot and seen a few programs about pilates, and I think it is a more conscious form of Yoga, right? Very nice. Beautiful photo and glad you are able to get to it. Thank you kindly.


    • It has rained most of August , here in the north of England, Anne. A fairly grim summer! But last year we had a three month heat-wave. Weather wise, the UK occupies one of the most ‘chaotic’ places on the planet. I’m glad your friend made a new home. What a terrifying thing to have lived through.


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