Month: July 2019

Summer weather…

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
August tomorrow… high summer… when the rush-hour traffic melts away and the roads are driveable, even at eight in the morning. A time of beaches and sandcastles, of ice-cream and strawberries. Of flowerbeds that are a carnival of colour… of sunshine and suntans… Or, in England… fog, rain and plunging temperatures. Opening the curtains this morning was a…

Callanish Calling: Way-Stone…

Originally posted on France & Vincent:
* Given that, by all accounts, the Way-Stone was capable of getting us to the morn, we wasted no time in putting the question… * And were met with a road length peal of laughter, quite light and silvery it was considering it had come from a stone. * “You didn’t really think it would be that easy…

Have you seen it, yet?

Do you see it all, sometimes? Turn, doing something strange with your mind Look back with different eyes And see the path that led to you? A moment of vast lucidity… But there’s one thing you don’t see The thing that can’t be seen Have you seen it, yet? ©Stephen Tanham Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness, a not-for-profit … Read More Have you seen it, yet?

Calanais: Cnoc Ceann a’Gharaidh…

Originally posted on France & Vincent:
* The Head-of-Gary Hill, otherwise known, these days, as Callanish II… provided us with a rest-up place for the night. * We use the term ‘night’ loosely because in point of fact the night, which normally would be dark or ‘black’, remained light or ‘white’. * Anyhow, it was a peaceful enough place to settle down and we…

#FurryFives – Geometry

– Tess? Yes, Misti – I’ve been thinking about what you said about geometry Yes, Misti – And I don’t think its called a hypotenose… ©Stephen Tanham

The creature on the beach beyond thought

It lay there, head in the sky, gazing at the radiance. Its tail was still in the ocean of thought, the gentle waves urging it back where it belonged… The gaps in the waves had always been there; they were the rhythm of life. But it had never thought to use them as a way through. To where? To beauty, certainly. The sights and … Read More The creature on the beach beyond thought

Half day, half night, half nothing

Along the edge of darkness lives delight A silver, shining, running stream A place of soul’s respite Where questions rise unbidden And answers tease and tide from hidden A flow so all-embracing that the third: Not day, not night, is briefly seen. ➰ ©Stephen Tanham

Summer storm

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
Dark summer sky Shelters, ignites a first caress Dark summer sky Drowns with its storm a lover’s sigh A kiss of rain and tenderness And promises of happiness Dark summer sky * Dark summer sky Parted by a moment’s madness Dark summer sky A shadowed echo of your cry Seeking forgiveness and redress Your tears a…

Dreaming Stones: The Fairy Rock Motel

From Sue. The adventure continues

Death of a salesman

In a few short weeks it will be September. We (the Silent Eye) have been invited to speak at the Unitarian Society of Psychical Studies annual conference at the Nightingale Centre in Derbyshire. We use this lovely place for our main annual event in April each year. We had our official ‘birth’ there in 2013. It is a very special place to us, and … Read More Death of a salesman

‘Burn after visiting…’

He sat in the old cinema in Bolton, clutching the arms of the once-silky, faded red seat as John Barry’s James Bond theme started, accompanied by the huge screen showing the dark grey rifled barrel of the would be assassin trying to shoot our hero… and being killed by a turning 007, whose gun, though smaller, was quicker. The ‘ladies’ gun’ Beretta said it … Read More ‘Burn after visiting…’

#FurryFives – the Edge

– You, know, Tess? Yes, Misti? – I’ve been thinking Mmmm? – One more dream and you’re going to roll off this! ©Stephen Tanham

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