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The Summer Within

When I was a young boy, a favourite uncle, who was quite old, said to me, “You always feel young, inside, you know…” It’s a sentiment I’ve heard many times. I knew it to be true – from the look in the eyes of those who said it, despite the lines of time on their faces. But now, to experience it in my sixties, … Read More The Summer Within

Death of a salesman

In a few short weeks it will be September. We (the Silent Eye) have been invited to speak at the Unitarian Society of Psychical Studies annual conference at the Nightingale Centre in Derbyshire. We use this lovely place for our main annual event in April each year. We had our official ‘birth’ there in 2013. It is a very special place to us, and … Read More Death of a salesman

For fifty years I sought you…

For fifty years I sought you Beneath an ashen tree And then at last I caught you Hiding behind me ➰ What jests your lips had whispered As I darted too and fro Till I lay down at the wayside With nowhere else to go ➰ Quiet, your fingers touched me Bidding stillness in their grace Made soft with love the journey By turning … Read More For fifty years I sought you…

How beautifully you say goodbye

How beautifully you say goodbye When damp of cold affects the eye When rustle shuts off bustle’s hiss And says ‘so brief must be our kiss’ How beautifully you say goodbye… ©Stephen Tanham

Veil of Blue

Beyond the blue is something more Where green leaves end is azure’s home No distance fades or feathers this Transition in the air of Life No boundary we don’t set in stone ➰ Before the Green my eyes appear Not open – grow – from matter’s heart Creating depth with brain that knows What it remembers, nothing more The veil of knowing is the … Read More Veil of Blue

What Curves Caress

What Curves Caress (In the style of Sufi poetry) What curves caress the distant sky when distance is not known? What shades of finest touch release the moment new which is not held? What depths of shade use shadow only to conceal the deeper joy? And in that joy, behind the shade, behind the touch, behind the sky, itself, will I not see you? … Read More What Curves Caress

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