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Any thing

Mystical poetry: 87 words. A one-minute read A blade of grass, a hand, a way To shadows on a path that say There’s truth here to be found ♾ The sky above, so blue The sound of birds so true The kiss of evening’s sun in tree ♾ All say, but not together But when together, shout: Any thing can speak to you ♾ … Read More Any thing

Across a Scattered Land

Mystical Poem in the Sufi style: 120 words. A one-minute read Across a scattered land I sought you For almost all a lifetime’s days Until within a book I brought you To be a light beneath my gaze. ♾ Within a scattered mind I sought you Aflame with thoughts and secrets found But words declined to let me find you Who watched the eyes … Read More Across a Scattered Land

For fifty years I sought you…

For fifty years I sought you Beneath an ashen tree And then at last I caught you Hiding behind me ➰ What jests your lips had whispered As I darted too and fro Till I lay down at the wayside With nowhere else to go ➰ Quiet, your fingers touched me Bidding stillness in their grace Made soft with love the journey By turning … Read More For fifty years I sought you…

Coffee with Haiku: cracked

••• Alone in the cracks Gazing skyward smiling back I saw you mock me ••••••• ©Copyright Stephen Tanham, 2016.

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