We’re lucky to live close to two forests. The first is a few minutes’ walk away, the other is further and larger, the main path taking the walker in a slow ascent through the ancient Sizergh estate. At the highest point, you emerge into the open air within a few hundred metres of the local organic farm shop and cafe.

Tess loves the walk. I’m partial, too, and it’s not just the coffee as reward.

The larger forest has this lovely stream running through it. The path meanders as it climbs, crossing the stream several times. Subjectively, it’s as though there are three small rivers, each one with its own sounds…

Autumn adds its own voice: the crunch of leaves under boots, the quietness of the trees, the occasional howl of delight as the collie charges off to chase a squirrel and inevitably ends up gazing at her faster target high above, gazing back down at the slow, crazy dog.

There’s a wonderful sense of presence about a forest stream; as though you have entered a different relationship with time through its flow. Bubbling, swishing, trickling: the same but always subtly unique… completely in harmony with the surroundings it has helped create.

©Stephen Tanham, 2020.

Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, which offers a distance-learning program to deepen the personality and align it with the soul.

16 Comments on “Mellow moods for Autumn (5) : sounds of the forest stream

    • Thank you, Jaye – and for the reblog. It is wonderful to live in such a green landscape. We look on it as compensation for all the working commutes into Manchester before we ‘retired’ up here!

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  1. How lovely. There are no woods close to us, but we do have the park, and of course the beach.
    Nothing like a walk in the woods though, and with a stream for company? Perfect.

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