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Theatre of the Mind

Once a month, on the evening of the third Sunday, the Silent Eye hosts a zoom-based get-together on the internet. People join us from across the world. The purpose is to share our (and others’) explorations of the mystically-oriented life; hence its name: SE-Explorations. In the comfort of our own homes, those who might be curious and those who seem to have been curious … Read More Theatre of the Mind


The Bristly Hog: Ghost Dancer

I’m undergoing a kind of self-imposed emotional therapy at the moment, one that has nothing to do with my physical injury. I also have two ‘therapists’ in the wider sense of the word. The one looking after my lower left limb is located nearby in Kendal, the other is… rather more virtual. As often happens with emotional therapy, the associated synchronicities are coming thick and … Read More The Bristly Hog: Ghost Dancer

Haiku with Coffee: ship of light 

Did she appear then? Sailing green and drinking light Did I sleep before? — ©Copyright Stephen Tanham, 2016. 

Nine Deadly Sins with Coffee, part 31 – An Eye for an I

Nine Deadly Part 31 – An Eye for an I .Alexandra. The last time I was in here, I had glimpsed something. Insight had flickered and shifted as the concentrated presence of John and, surprisingly, Rose, had nudged me none-too-gently towards my moment of ‘seeing’. Now, I wanted to know more … “It’s about where you put the “I”, isn’t it?” I asked John, … Read More Nine Deadly Sins with Coffee, part 31 – An Eye for an I

Ben’s Bit, part seven – Heels in the Night

Ben’s Bit, part 7 – Heels in the Night The sound began one night; an insistent tapping entering my dreams, making me think of leaking pipes and other failing elements of the old infrastructure of Bakewell’s ‘improving’ jail. When it continued, my thin sleep on the thinner mattress came to an end, and I lay with ears straining in the total blackness as the insistent … Read More Ben’s Bit, part seven – Heels in the Night

Ben’s Bit, part five – The Reasonable Dr Grey

Ben’s Bit – part five – The Reasonable Dr Grey The man is calm. His dark-rimmed, circular glasses focus the intensity of his study at me, rather than taking in the light that bounces off my prison uniform, whose monotone colour, resembling a modern warship, bears his name. “Do you think it’s normal for a person in your position to refuse bail?” Dr Grey … Read More Ben’s Bit, part five – The Reasonable Dr Grey

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