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Drowning not waving

Stage Directions: Cue: Hamlet cigars advert music from the 60’s to the 90’s…. Video link below, if you weren’t there… YouTube video, late 1970s… They were a very popular series of ads about heroic failures… All featuring the same theme music ‘Air on the G String’ by J. S. Bach. It is said that humour is divine. I often find it puts into … Read More Drowning not waving

An Encounter with Death

It is 1616. King James VI of Scotland has been on the throne of England and Ireland for thirteen years, having inherited the kingdom as the closest surviving relative of the beloved and sadly deceased Queen Elizabeth I. England continues to go through a time of both upheaval and opportunity, though the crowning glory of Elizabeth’s reign, the destruction of the Spanish Armada, has … Read More An Encounter with Death

Tracking the Silent Eye . . .

For those interested in the Silent Eye School of Consciousness, we have recently (July 2015) re-written our eleven-page overview about our Work. The images and text below are extracted from the downloadable PDF document, which is also indexed to provide fast links directly from your browser. You can download the full version of this by clicking below: Silent Eye 2015 Gen BrochureV1AA The Call … Read More Tracking the Silent Eye . . .

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