Boat of EvilAA

There is a particular science

of Evil

Which draws its ghostly blood

From the bones of hatred.


Its moment is likened to

a Ship

Strangled with strange growth

That fills the shapes of sailing


It has learned the helm of your


And has a blunt denial that you

Float on water


Laden with untruth

Darkly smeared

We lie in others’ rotting water

And gaze at edges


For only there can freshness


Where good becomes, beyond despair

Its own baptised survivor


©Stephen Tanham

21 Comments on “A Particular Science

    • Thank you, Jaye. The photo manipulation is a deliberate corruption of a good thing, symbolic of how evil works in the world. The background is Lake Windermere, a very beautiful place. Thank you for the reblog.

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  1. This poem is incredibly powerful! I truly got the sense of evil and the way it works. It surely spoke to me, for evil is such an insidious thing, as we have seen in some of the myths and stories we have looked at. Great work.

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      • That is very good thinking. What I am trying to understand is why so much random violence and evil exists today throughout the world. Is it that it runs in cycles, the governments of the world in general or what? In so many of the cases I read regularly online or in the paper, it almost seems as though the people who do these things are very mentally unbalanced. I guess what I was writing to Sue recently (still in progress) sort of deals with that when we lose those special abilities/powers we spoke of earlier, people do become unbalanced, and when they do, the world becomes a very different and frightening place. We all have a dual nature, and the scales are quite unbalanced right now.


        • Thank you, Anne. There are periods of ‘breaking down’ in the larger cycles of civilisation. The ancient Hindus understood this well.
          The growth of Fascism, in all its forms, is never seen from within the country or state in which it happens.

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  2. Yes, this seems true, and while the great rulers and dictators go about building huge memorial structures to themselves and fighting so many wars to gain control over nothing in the end result, the little man plowing the fields or the woman weaving cloth silently in her home continue to survive century after century, eon after eon. They are the true strength of the world I think. The world is certainly full of things stranger than fiction.

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